Dangly Earrings on a Teacup

My daughter and I were toying with some Spring cleaning today. Well, it felt almost like Spring and the sun was out. 

Cleaning with an almost 8 month old is the trick!

I dusted her vanity in the bedroom and saw this teacup holding her dangly earrings. The teacup and saucer were a gift from her friend Jenny’s shower. 

I washed and dried it and replaced the earrings and thought I’m taking a photo and blogging it.  The cakestand  in the background holds fragrances and she had a ceramic egg carton with hairpins and buttons. A bit of a kitchen theme?

  Dangly earrings in a teacup.

14 thoughts on “Dangly Earrings on a Teacup

  1. It’s a really sweet photo Ruth! And the word fancy caught my eye – but so did the maroon and green glass in the back of the cool earrings on the cup- and this post is a classic example of your sweet originality!

  2. Now that’s a creative — and attractive — way to hold your earrings, Ruth. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. 🙂

  3. Nice pic Ruth, especially as I’m into month 9 of my jewellery making project, love the earrings! Espellually the Turquoise my birthstone 😀

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