Happy Diamond Birthday, Bonnie

A special birthday wish for a good friend, blog follower, dog lover (actually all animals)  and former colleague. Bonnie! We taught together at Greenfield School.

And we worked the After School Program together for about 5 years. I can’t tell you how many students she taught to swim.

Another of our friends hosted a fun surprise party and we gathered together to honor Bonnie as she celebrates 75!


May your birthday wish come true.


Here’s Bonnie surrounded by former colleagues and friends. Surprise!

Arleen took the one on the left so I could be in it, too. Thanks Arleen.

Happy Birthday Bonnie.  Love, Rutie

16 thoughts on “Happy Diamond Birthday, Bonnie

    • Tonight I saw a cooking challenge show and they had to use durian as one ingredient. I thought of you and your post

  1. What a gorgeous post for your friend Ruth and isn’t she just lovely! Looks like you all have lots of fun and thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. Happy Birthday from me as well Bonnie! May there be many, many more! 😀 ♥

  2. Happy Birthday, Bonnie! I remember when Ruth first started teaching at Greenfield, she told me a wonderful story. She had her students draw pictures of important people in their lives and one of the kids drew a picture of you. Ruth hardly knew you then and she said the picture was fantastic. One of the little kids drew you by the pool, wearing a swim suit, with a whistle around your neck. Ruth posted it on the door to the gym or the pool so you could see it and enjoy it. I wonder if you remember that drawing? Although I never saw it, I remember it because as a fellow teacher I always thought how wonderful it was!

  3. Happy Birthday, Bonnie. I would never guess your age!!! I’m sure you are young in spirit too!!!!! Celebrate!

  4. Happy Birthday, Bonnie. Glad you were surprised. We have stuck together as family. It is a wonderful feeling.

    • I know she will love your comment! She does look amazing! She was the gym teacher and I was the art teacher and we worked together for many years. Thanks Stef

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