In Harmony, Pennsylvania

IMG_3363Harmony – the weekly photo challenge.

I thought a report from Harmony, PA would make an interesting and different post.

Always seeking fresh blog content.

I was already out in my car and drove along the Ohio River without the the GPS.  When I put Harmony PA into Maps App I was taken first to the street signs at the bottom of this post.  Harmony, Pennsylvania is about 30+ miles north of the city, Pittsburgh.

Unfortunately the Harmony Museum was closed for the day by the time I got to town so will find a willing friend and return. (Preferably on a Spring day with some blue sky.)

I read they have a German Christmas Market, too. Views of Main Street and

We will have lunch at the Stohr Haus Bakery .

Have to plan to arrive at the right time, next time.

Open       Wed-Fri  7-2          Saturday 8-2



Below -the Historical Marker for the Harmonist Cemetery.

“Graves were not marked”



Have you ever seen a cemetery without a single marker?

Link to information about the Harmony Society


Steve and  I went to Harmony in March 2010 (blogpost at night)  for a poetry reading at the Bottlebrush Gallery   

Today I shopped in the gallery- bought tea towels and a baby quilt.

Because I took a circuitous route, avoiding the interstate and driving the secondary roads, my phone GPS took me to 3 Harmony signs near the town of Baden, PA.  Unintentional but interesting to find three Harmony signs.

Received a great response from Harmony Museum Thanks Ruth!! A great time to visit us next would be June 11th. It is our Herb & Garden Fair (at our Harmonist Barn), Fiber Festival in town, and Springfest in town. Lots going on! Free shuttle between the barn and town. Food, entertainment, artists, demonstrations, so much to photograph that day! Starts at 9 am and runs until 3 pm, though the shops are open later than that!



30 thoughts on “In Harmony, Pennsylvania

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    • Yes definitely worth a visit. Just time it when the museum is open . How about that cemetery with the unmarked graves?

  2. I hope I’m the friend who goes with you to Harmony. I’d like to tour the Harmony Museum and I like the looks of the shop you featured.

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  4. I have NEVER seen a cemetery with no markers in it. Strange, and very interesting!

    I know where New Harmony, IN is! I didn’t realize it was related to PA… Small, small world.

    • Thank you so much. I’d never heard of the Harmony Society nor had I seen a cemetery with no markers. Appreciate your visit and good words.

  5. Being it was closed, you probably took more notice of the exteriors. It’s still too bad that nothing was open when you got there. Just makes you want to go back even more. Not a bad marketing strategy. πŸ™‚

    • Definitely returning. It’s a short window of opening so have to plan. Looking at New Harmony on the map…. Hmmmm.

  6. I’ll have to mention this to my mother. I looked up Harmony and saw it is north of Pittsburgh. My mom grew up south of Pittsburgh in a little town called McDonald. I also lived near Pittsburgh for a few years, south again, in a town called Clinton. I enjoyed seeing this town and had no idea of the custom of no marker in the ceremony. I’ll have to read up a bit more on this way of life. Thanks for posting.

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