Hard Rock Drummer

Remember the post from a few days ago about how Austin Texas is Live Music Capital of the World?

This is Cody, drummer of the hard rock band Sweat Lodge.

I met him on his way to the studio as he was picking up the VINYL master for the band’s third album.

Yep, vinyl. You all know I have plenty of vinyl in boxes in my house.

Now I’m wasn’t cool enough to know any tracks from Sweat Lodge as of yet but I went and listened and here is the link to their webpage, too.

On my first Uber ride to the Austin Airport,  I said I’d be willing to carpool and although our driver Edward could not allow me to photograph him at work, Cody said it was okay by him. We dropped Cody first, I got out and photographed him.

I told him about my People at Work series and I didn’t have a hard rock musician for the upcoming show at Panza Gallery in Millvale

(did I mention that the show’s opening is in July?  July, 2018!!!  I’m serious)

Thanks Cody. Check out the music. 

As we drove to his destination, he gave an excellent guided tour of a part of Austin I had not seen on the double decker bus tour.



It’s good to change it up on the blog.  You’ve seen a lot of my knitting, coffee mugs and tea cups, a lot of food for dinnertime, the grandkids, the recent wedding and the starring dog Champ but I think Cody has the distinction for being the first ROCK musician on the blog. Thanks Cody. 


11 thoughts on “Hard Rock Drummer

  1. oooooooo Ruth – you are so right about changing it up – and I had to double check the name when I saw this. Great job. Also – the contrast of his face and the shirt had a unity and global feel – such a great fence backdrop and I could go on – but thanks to Cody too! peace

  2. He is adorable – I hope he makes it – the music industry is so hard but Hopefully he’ll do well!

  3. Very cool pics! So good of Cody to let you post him to the blog. Just look at all of the interesting things you can experience via Uber. 🙂

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