Dinnertime Gallery

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime  

  Cousin John’s and Gail’s table -NYC  
Wild mushroom ravioli at Mary’s


Dinner at Joan’s 
  Baby Charles and Penny wait for dinner   Arizona 
  Chicken stew and biscuits   
  11 minute linguine   Air France dinner
  Pizza in Croatia   
Family dinner Christmas 

15 thoughts on “Dinnertime Gallery

  1. What a gallery! It’s hard to pick a favorite! They all look wonderful! The pasta dishes look yummy. Of course, Charles and Penny are hard to beat. The family celebrations, as well. That chicken stew and biscuits looks tempting, but it all looks great. Now, what will we eat today – I am thinking about food now, for sure!!

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  2. When you post food – I get hungry. Beautiful pictures, especially those of the family. Is it dinner time yet?


  3. All of the food looks awesome! But the family gathering around to eat it feels even better. 🙂 How old is Charles now? He seems to be feeding himself quite well! We *just* started Baby Led Weaing with C this past weekend; so far he’s not doing too much. 😉

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