Bluebonnet Season

We happened to hit it just right- Bluebonnet Season in Texas.  It would be a bummer to come before or just after they’d bloomed along the highways throughout the state.

We went to Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. A public botanical garden in Austin, Texas.  Although they sell bags of wildflower seed, you are not encouraged to purchase it if you don’t live in the zone where the wildflowers will thrive.

Texas Wildflowers Index for identification and categorized by color is listed here

I’ll ask Ilix at Midwestern Plant Girl blog to help me identify the flowers properly because I went to the index and am thoroughly confused now as to what is what except for the lupinus– Bluebonnets

IMG_0486Rattlesnakes?   Yikes.  We did not see or hear any, thank goodness.



bluebonnet photographer.jpgProfessional and family photographers capturing subjects posing in the bluebonnets.


Making Eco Pots out of newspaper to plant seedlings.



Mother of the Bride, my friend Joanne, in the butterfly chair.IMG_0454.JPGIMG_0461.JPGIMG_0455.JPGIMG_0452.JPGIMG_0473.JPGIMG_0459.JPGIMG_0500.JPGIMG_0472.JPGIMG_0472.JPGIMG_0467.JPGIMG_0449.JPGPink Evening Primrose


Remember the bride Anna in the Bluebonnets with Champ?

bluebonnets bride


12 thoughts on “Bluebonnet Season

  1. Amazing, I’d never hear of bluebonnets until yesterday when Amy at the World is a Book shared photos and now yours as well, they are beautiful!

  2. oh how beautiful is this! i know these as lupines, and in British English they are called lupins. have never heard of them as bluebonnets before, but it is a delightful name. thank you for sharing these beautiful moments.
    this brings to mind a roadtrip i was on while in the southern Black Forest in Germany late one spring day. although these are predominantly blue, the ones i saw in Germany were predominantly various shades of purple.
    thank you for sharing.

  3. So pretty! Love the picture of Joanne in the butterfly chair, and of course the lovely bride!
    We read a story with our classes, a long time ago, called The Lupine Lady. We planted some, but they didn’t come back.

  4. The pictures of the flowers are beautiful. That center is something special. Glad you were able to experience it.

  5. What an amazing place! The close-up flower pics are incredible. And I’m glad you didn’t encounter any rattlers! Scary. :0

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