Look Who Arrived in the Mail Today

Happy 90th Birthday to the Queen of England today.

My sister sent me a package to cheer me.  The unexpected box was waiting for me on the porch when I got home this afternoon.

My friend V was with me and got to share the experience and fun first hand.  Vincie asked, “Who thinks to make such things?”

Check out Solar Queen 90th Birthday Edition by Kikkerland Design.

I had to video her waving so you could get the full effect. The solar panel is at the top of her handbag. No battteries necessary.




   And here is how the real Queen spent her birthday today

14 thoughts on “Look Who Arrived in the Mail Today

  1. Happy Birthday Queen. I always wanted a sister, but alas I had only a bro. You have a wonderful sister and a wonder momento of the queens 90th.

  2. Stop it – that is ridiculous. And awesome in a crazy way. 🙂

    Why did you need cheering up? I hope all is okay.

    • Crazy and ridiculous for certain but a real mood lifter. Sent you a message. I enjoy seeing your little guy play and grow. So cute.

  3. I guess you could put her on a window sill facing the outside, and when the sun shines on her, she’ll wave at anyone who is passing by.

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