The Satisfaction of Sock Knitting


A Handknit Sock

There’s a math to it. The cast on. Count
the multiples of four.
Last year it was hats and cowls.
This year, socks.
I want to try the fish lips kiss heel.

It’s a simple thing. How a sock is knit.
You start with yarn.
Needles as slim as toothpicks.
Terms like toe and gusset and cuff.
My friend says, "it’s too much work."

There’s a rhythm in the repetition.
The making. Clockwise circles.
Some throw, some pick.
Row after row after row.
In time you get length and warmth.

There’s the calm you long for,
around and around and around.
Turn heel for a path to Zen.
You think of those you love.
The grandmother who taught you.

The wet squeezed out,
pairs hang to dry. Later fold
their softness, admire the colors,
ignore imperfections.
Find comfort, hidden in shoes.
My squishy hand knit socks.

39 thoughts on “The Satisfaction of Sock Knitting

  1. Love your poem. And I love knitting socks. Turning the heel and grafting the toe is simply brilliant. I need to experiment with fancy patterns and toe down. Happy sock knitting to you Ruth 🙂

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    • The pairs in the photo. A pair on my feet. A pair I gave to Laura and a pair snd a half on the needles. The first pair I made a few years ago and it’s only this year I’ve returned and become a student of sock making. Thanks Sue


    • I think it’s more like perseverance, and the first one is hard. But then you understand it and it’s easier. And there are two parts where it’s mindless knitting and 3 parts where you have to pay attention. I like no pattern, too. Thanks for your good words today. Your angel hair snd shrimp photo on your blog looked so enticing.


      • That’s very true Ruth. Once you get the hang of it, it gets easier. Maybe one day I get into knitting. I know how to do basic knitting but that’s as far as I go. I do admire and value hand knitted stuff. And thanks for liking my pasta dish 🙂

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