Abstracts: Shot with Intent

For this week’s challenge, which I thought was a true challenge, I was taking photos I already had and tried to crop bits of them to create abstracts.

I just don’t shoot abstract photos so the ones I posted were incidentally abstract, not intentional.


These few were shot with the idea that they were true abstracts. I thought of making them black and white but stuck with color.  I’m ready for the new challenge on Friday I think and will abandon the abstract effort.  But it is good to challenge oneself.

On occasion.





IMG_3882IMG_3711This one a mistake with lights and took it accidentally.  Looks abstract to me.

15 thoughts on “Abstracts: Shot with Intent

  1. very cool, Ruth! love the colours and textures.
    i found this challenge very challenging too. for the weekly challenges, my usual routine is to go with the topic only, and then start clicking or going through the archives. looking at the photo in the original post is often a mild distraction, so i like to see what i can come up with before actually looking what’s on the daily post. but this time i couldn’t come up with anything. so i looked, and took some inspiration from that.
    most of my photos are usually not abstract either, so i ended up doing some cropping too. but it was fun. not my best photo image ever captured, and yet for some reason it triggered lots of conversation. funny how that works 🙂
    looking forward to the next challenge too! 🙂

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    • Yes I had a similar experience and I felt I wanted to improve my efforts. Thanks Kris for sharing. It has sparked dialogue and reflection for sure!


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