14 thoughts on “Chocolate Covered …?

  1. now I wonder what this tastes like???

    and I once read of an artist who made her money make still life pieces of – onions! she said she sold at a market and people loved her work for kitchen art and whatnot…. anyhow, this post reminded me of how she said onions are often overlooked – and well – who knew they could be served like this???

  2. figs? – I bought my DIL a chocolate gavel there when she passed the Pennsylvania bar. I love that place.

  3. I once tried a chocolate covered pickle at the Heinz History Center. I thought anything covered with chocolate would be delicious. I was wrong. I spit it out and felt disgusted for the rest of the day.

  4. Lions and tigers and bears, Oh my! Onions and chocolate and sprinkles OH MY!!!! 🙂

  5. They say chocolate makes everything taste better – but I think if chocolate and onion got into a brawl, onion would win. Just sayin’.

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