It was Forty Years Ago Today

“You don’t remember, I’ll never forget …”
Me holding Mark, Fort Knox, Kentucky – a Polaroid

May, 1976. Bicentennial baby!

My mom and dad with first grandchild, Mark. Philadelphia PA – July 1976

My mother was the exact age in this photo that  I am now. (63)
Quick, the photo albums with the sticky lines are ruining all the old photos!!

Young mother but oh, those glasses….
















Aunt Bobbie needlepointed that patriotic bear.
Anyone else have a plaid Herculon couch?

Two proud grandpas -Mark’s first  birthday! (or maybe the month after)

And I will title this one Jubilant

It seems one minute you have a baby-`

and then they become grown up with a family of their own!!

Happy fortieth birthday, Mark.  

love, Mom



(I never did embroider Fort Knox on this birth sampler I found, folded up in my dresser drawer recently)   Forty years goes by fast!!




and there was the year I got you the gift you never got as a child

30 thoughts on “It was Forty Years Ago Today

  1. Ruth – This is fabulous! I love the timeline of photos. This is one of my favorites of all of your photo blogs. Coincidentally, my wife and I have a daughter who was born in 1976, and she’ll be 40 years old next month. Also, I really like the title “It Was 40 Years Ago Today.” Similar to the first line of the lyrics of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” except the Beatles lyrics were: “It was twenty years ago today.”

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    • Thanks Ken. Glad you enjoyed it AND got the reference in the title. That was my inspiration. You called it! Happy Birthday to your daughter, too.


  2. Where did that time go? Happy birthday, Mark. Thanks for bringing your Mom and me together in a long,wonderful and special friendship. It all started with you!!!

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  3. Loved this walk down memory lane. You captured the pride all families feel at the birth of a special baby.
    We, too had almost the same plaid material on a couch. 😳
    You’re a great story teller, Ruth! Love your daily burst of cheer. Congratulations on raising such a terrific family.


  4. Wow! It’s al been said …… but can’t say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK too many times!!!! Hope you have a great day and your CAKE is terrific! 🙂
    Love to everyone! Erica Love the Sampler!


  5. 1) We totally had a couch like that! And the woven lawn chair.
    2) You look a lot like your mom. So fun to see the resemblance.
    3) I had no idea your dad was a pastor/minister?
    4) AMAZING to see how Mark has grown from a boy to a man – with a stunningly beautiful family to boot.

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    • Thanks you for all your good thoughts. Same couch and chair, eh? My dad was an Episcopal priest. Yes Mark is a grown man with a beautiful family and it is astounding to me, how life whizzes by.


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