Julia Child’s Kitchen Via My Neighbor 

Julia Child’s Kitchen in the National Museum of American History, Washington DC as seen and photographed by my neighbor Joaquin. 

When he said he’d be in DC at the Smithsonian museum, I asked if he went to see Julia Child’s Kitchen, would he please send me pics-and he did. 

 I used to watch the cooking shows which were filmed in her Cambridge, Massachusetts kitchen. 

Seeing her actual kitchen in the museum is on my list of things to do!

Just the other day, my friend Roberta and I were sitting on the front porch, perusing a couple of Julia Child cookbooks. We read some fun passages, talked about cooking some of her menus and enjoyed thinking about her. I’ve had apple tart on my mind. 

And one of the books we were reading 
Click link to Watch staff move 1200 items for move and renovation of her kitchen and read ten facts about it! 

Here’s what we missed –

“If you are planning to check out the National Museum of American History’s Julia Child birthday extravaganza tomorrow, be there at 1 p.m. for a special surprise involving 50 pounds of butter, Julia’s favorite ingredient.”

•And another article about five things to learn from Julia Child’s Kitchen It’s okay not to be a minimalist!

•Information on Julia Child bio

•And Julia Child’s Recipe for a Thoroughly Modern Marriage by Ruth Reichl about Julia Child’s  impact on food and how we cook and eat Smithsonian Magazine article

Thanks for the photographs, Joaquin.

16 thoughts on “Julia Child’s Kitchen Via My Neighbor 

  1. I love the way she had all of her pots, pans, knives, cooking tools and utensils readily available. No desperately searching through drawers or grappling through cupboards for Julia.

  2. She was amazing! Loved watching her shows! The book – A Covert Affair -about her time in the OSS is interesting. These pictures are great!

  3. I’ve seen that exhibit – I watched Julia with my mom. We both got a kick out of it. AH, YES – memories

  4. I’ve visited that museum as well as the COPIA Institute in California while it was still open and they featured a lot of her cookware, etc. An interesting item of note is how she had the kitchen custom designed so the countertops were higher than usual since she was such a tall woman.

  5. Fantastic! I love DC, and all of the museums there. One day my husband, boy, and I will take a family vacation there. 🙂

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