13 thoughts on “What I Need to do at My House

  1. I guess we all are getting to this point of cleaning out. Just hate to get rid of the old stuff.

  2. For the alert industrious recyclers in Florida:
    Recently friends purchased a second home and within 8 weeks utilizing the discarded items on their drives to and from school – They have collected and restored multiple book cases, an entertainment center, a set of 5 dining chairs, a small hutch, 2 living from chairs and several miscellaneous pieces.

    • It will be picked up by garbagemen
      And taken to landfill. The blue bagged stuff will be picked up by recycling truck. Someone passing by could pick up and reuse the furniture but I did not see anyone.

  3. We did it after our pipes regurgitated in December – it is cleansing – I will say that

  4. Someone is making room, clearing space. I love it when I take things to donate! We can’t leave items on the curb here – we will get fined.

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