Cloud Arbor by Ned Kahn

North Side Pittsburgh.  In front of the Children’s Museum. After a fun day at the museum, before we walk to the car, we like to check out the Cloud Arbor. Jack and Maura were enjoying  the cool mist and an unidentified cyclist drove through to cool off. Click to watch  Cloud Arbor by Ned Kahn,  a video of the mist and the cyclist

Laura and Charles head to the wall to sit down Artist Ned Kahn

Waiting for the mist to appear 

15 thoughts on “Cloud Arbor by Ned Kahn

  1. Love this! Reminds me of the “popping” fountain in Atlanta. Kids and water – always a fun combination. 🙂

  2. I had this up all yesterday [forgot to comment!]. I LOVE it when you visit Cloud Arbor bcause you tend to send photos and
    they are enchanting. Going to forward to several friends!!! XOXOXOX

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  4. What a clever — and beautiful — work of art, Ruth. Not only does it draw you into it, making you as much a part of the exhibit as the water, but it is ever-changing. I’ve a feeling it was no small coincidence that it was placed in front of the Children’s Museum. The setting is perfect.

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