Incidental iPhone Shot

After supper, Maura asked to go to the playground. Walking down my driveway, back from playing across the street -I saw the sinking sunlight through this weedy leaf. 

Such bright green. The rays a bonus, shooting into sun. 

The phone so readily available from my pocket. One quick shot. Just like that. 

Capture of the day.  A week of flowers and growing things. Summer at peak!

14 thoughts on “Incidental iPhone Shot

  1. Excellent composition and colors. A very nice shot, particularly considering it was taken with a ell phone.

  2. I meant “cell phone,” not “ell phone.” Anyway, all of the cell phone cameras are getting better and better. I have a Samsung phone, and I’m amazed at the quality of the photos.

  3. The sun shining down is perfect. I adore Apple, in that they have made my memory-life so much richer. I can’t imagine having C even a few years ago – I would have missed so many memories!

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