A Schoolhouse in Scottsbluff Nebraska 

Thanks for the beautiful photo, Shuey. (The guest blogger today). 

Shuey is headed to Prudhoe Bay Alaska.  

On his motorcycle.

 Did I mention he started out in Nicevlle Florida? 

That’s 4,862.7 miles, I just looked it up. 

A schoolhouse near Scottsbluff, NE

14 thoughts on “A Schoolhouse in Scottsbluff Nebraska 

  1. I have made the road trip to Prudhoe Bay area twice a year since I arrived in Alaska and i hope Shuey knows he will encounter snow and sleet as he nears Prudhoe Bay.

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  2. What a great find & shot! Even so, I can’t wrap my head around traveling 4800 miles on a cycle. There’s a book’s worth of experiences to be shared, no doubt about it. I’d certainly buy it.

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