Throwback Rhubarb Cake Recipe Success

Guest blogger Kristin used this old recipe from my mother’s recipe box.  

I posted about my old Throwback Recipe Blog which I abandoned but 62 El Salvadorians found recently. No one else seems to be able to access it. I was able to screenshot the post of the Rhubarb Cake Recipe. I don’t even know who Beth Boettner is/was. 

Rhubarb.  You either love it or not. 

I suggested butter for shortening and Kristin doubled the rhubarb to 3 cups  She texted her photos to me.
Here’s the cake! Looks moist. 

Here is her husband Rick enjoying the cake. 

Verdict? Delicious!

Love the candid.  Thanks Kristin (and Rick) 

Would vanilla ice cream or a bit of cream complement the taste?  Hmmmmmm
Here’s the old blog address. Throwback Recipes Blog   Let me know if you can get to it 

17 thoughts on “Throwback Rhubarb Cake Recipe Success

  1. The taking a bite photo is absolutely pure joy! One of the best photos of the year – you have to desire that photo in a post all by itself so it does not get missed !
    I am still smiling with that shot in mind!
    Oh and the cake like Delish

  2. What a great idea to compile your mother’s recipes into a blog! Kristen’s recreation looks amazing. I would give it a try if I could lay my hands on rhubarb easily 🙂

  3. My feet are firmly planted among the nots, Ruth, sorry to say. I was able to acess the Throwback file. Would you like screen prints of the contents?

    • You are so nice to offer but I was able to get in through dashboard. Thanks John. My mother’s collection pales to your family. I thought it fun that Kristin revived the recipe. Thanks John.

  4. I can get to the blog now!

    This post caused a bit of a rift in the house: my mom is a big rhubarb fan; my dad and I, not so much. TBD on J & C.

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