19 thoughts on “2500 Pound Clock and a Pigeon

  1. i like the bird in the first photo more than the second – but very cool looking up shots- and I wonder if this is the same Kaufmann’s that had the department store in Western New York -hm

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  2. I really appreciate all of your photos of Pittsburgh. I haven’t lived in The Burgh since 1969, and I really miss Pittsburgh. In particular, this photo means a lot for to me because my father worked for about 20 years at Kaufmann’s warehouse on the North Side. In fact, that warehouse was located approximately where Three Rivers Stadium is now located. I remember the Kaufmann’s clock; I guess everyone from Pittsburgh does. My mother used to take me to Kaufmann’s to buy clothes for school because we had an employee discount. Ah, nostalgia! Thanks for the Pittsburgh photos.

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  3. Yes, Field’s is gone, too, but its clock remains. People still resent Macy’s for buying the flagship store on State Street and renaming it. They’ll shop at Macy’s everywhere but that one store. 🙂

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