Killer Heels Show at the Frick Art Museum- Pittsburgh 

The other night my dear friends (and blog followers)Tookie and Jack, left two tickets for the Killer Heels Show in my mail basket.

Today my friend Vincie and I used them to see  the Killer Heels show right here in Pittsburgh.

We had the best time.

Here’s a gallery of Killer Heels and A link to the show Killer Heels Frick Art Museum and opening night party sounded pretty wild and fun. The show is there until September 4th. Post-Gazette story about opening party

You start by reading the history -men wore them first!

A woman studies the beginning of the exhibit. 

Did you ever watch Sex and the City? 

Yes, that’s David Bowie wearing the shoes above!

Something for everyone……

Lady Gaga shoe, worn in her perfume ad.

Glass slipper-

Here is an old Post with Killer Heels tag after I saw the show in New York with my sister. 

In this second post, I mentioned the Brooklyn Museum First Night December 2014 But I didn’t photograph any of the Killer Heels show then- maybe photography was not allowed?

Today I asked the guard if I could use my phone camera without flash and he said yes

The visitor center had a display case of Mrs. Frick’s shoes

Then we headed home. 

Thanks Tookie and Jack.  We enjoyed ourselves tremendously. 

The Gift Shop

Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe is organized by Lisa Small, Curator of Exhibitions, Brooklyn Museum”


27 thoughts on “Killer Heels Show at the Frick Art Museum- Pittsburgh 

  1. This was a fascinating display shoes. I walked around in my Birkenstocks and wished I could stuff my feet into some of them. Thanks, Tookie and Jack. It was a wonderful way to spend a rainy afternoon.

  2. Surprised about the photos, too! Thanks for your generous offering!!!!! Going to forward generously!! 🙂 Madame Frick had some pretty nice shoes herself, even if not Killer Heels!

  3. Wow! What a collection, Ruth. Love the bizarre painted nails, and as for the black patent sky-high heels, they are surely shoes to either really ruin one’s feet or to break one’s neck. 😀

    • So many of them looked impossible to actually enjoy wearing them. It was a great show. Thanks for your visit and comment, Sylvia.

  4. I honestly don’t think I could stand up in ANY of those heels longer than 2 seconds. My balance isn’t what it used to be!

  5. Killer heels is right, the optimum word being “killer”. I don’t know how one gets a foot into some of them, let alone be expected to stand up and walk in them. Great post, Ruth!

    • It is something to think about. The teeny tiny shoe for a Chinese woman with a tiny foot from
      Foot binding was mind boggling, too

  6. What an amazing show Ruth, thank you for sharing it with us. As you might know, I have a slight “thing” with shoes! The Frick Museum in NYC is one of my favourite museums, does this show have anything to do with them? In Toronto, we have The Bata Shoe Museum with a permanent collection of very cool
    Shoes, lots from the 1960’s and 1970’s Rock and roll scene. I wonder how one walks in those ballerina stilettos?

    • Henry Clay Frick had the NYC home and his Pittsburgh Clayton. The Frick art museum is on the grounds of the mansion. They have various shows always changing and some of Frick’s permanent art collection too. You can tour the mansion. Much different from NYC living but impressive. I love the NYC Frick too. The show was at the Brooklyn museum first and I saw the name Bata Shoe Museum on some tags so they may have loaned some specimens. Thanks for your visit Eva.

  7. Woah this is a great collection of eccentric, weird and glamorous shoes and boots. My favourite is the one with the coloured toe nails. 😂

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