City Snippets Puddle Study

Along Grant Street, downtown Pittsburgh, after being released from jury duty. You know how I like reflections. 

I walked a few blocks to the train station to meet Steve who was picking me up.

 There must have been a lot of rain while I was inside the courthouse all day. 

26 thoughts on “City Snippets Puddle Study

      • I appreciate your catching it. One letter really changed the meaning. I should be rereading before I hit PUBLISH but it’s still easy to not see the errors. Thanks again, Yvette. I made the “p” bold to be sure.


      • ha – and for some reason I have had more typos this last six months –
        mostly in comments – but I think auto-correct and predictive keyboard features sometimes sneak things in – and like you said – we can miss it even with a triple
        edit –
        and I also chill about any typos because blogging has some grace – especially certain posts – but if I write an article or review something I really care more about typos for those posts – anyhow – enough rambling – hope you have a great weekend R….

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