Metal Restorer-People at Work

Meet John.  He restores metal downtown. Lots of metal.  

I spoke with him when I was downtown for lunch on jury duty selection day. 

 John used to teach shop but it was difficult to land a full time teaching position. 

How about these doors that have been restored? 

Here’s the BEFORE.  Check out left top corner 
I have to return to photograph some elevator doors he has restored. I should have asked him if he redtored the ones in the City County Building?Bronze elevator doors post, my guess? yes.

10 thoughts on “Metal Restorer-People at Work

  1. He must find his work so rewarding. Just look at the impact he has on each component. Imagine the building’s facade when he’e finished. Thanks, Ruth, for sharing. You’ll have me looking for similar restorations the next time I’m in The Loop. With a little luck, maybe I, too, will meet the restorer.

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