Remember the Wildflowers Painted by My Friend?

The Pennsylvania wildflowers were painted on her beehives -see the Wildflower paintings on Beehives by Joan

Here’s one jar of the thirty pounds of honey she harvested with the help of two fellow bee experts. 

They brought their extractor with them to show and teach her how to harvest the honey. 

She shared the honey with them and learned how to do it herself but was best with the team. (I’m sorry I don’t recall how long it took but a few hours.) 

And I can tell you that it tastes beautifully delicious, full of summer flowers. I’ll have to ask Joan what she does to prepare the beehives for the winter. 

In case you want to learn how watch video

How to extract honey from comb

13 thoughts on “Remember the Wildflowers Painted by My Friend?

  1. I’ve watched my brother harvest honey. It is a chore but one with a sweet reward. Yummy!

  2. How nice that you have a source for pure honey, Ruth. I really don’t rely much on store-bought any more unless I am sure of its source. Speaking of which, I’ll be returning to Michigan next month, probably for the last time, to get honey for friends and neighbors. Next year I’ll have to find another farm, hopefully one that doesn’t involve a 7 hour drive.

  3. They bring the combs in the frame inside to the kitchen away from the hives. But of course, they have to take them out of the hive……

  4. Another magical post!!!!!! It gives me hope to know that someone is loving the bees and giving them a beautiful home….. what a payoff from the bees!!! 🙂 🙂 I looked at the earlier post on Joan’s painting her hives …… have had it up all day …. will try to remember to put it up tomorrow, too!
    So wonderful!!!!!! LOVE

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