Burning Basket – Homer, Alaska

Artist Mavis Muller Art Click for link to artist’s website ( see excerpt below )

Our friends drove us down to the beach on the Spit.

No ones spirit was dampened by the rain.

Earlier people had clipped notes and intentions to the woven basket. There were some fireworks that illuminated the sky, sh0t out from the basket.


“2004 Mavis began the Burning Basket Project as an experience of interactive, impermanent art. Gathered from her background in creating baskets and woven with the desire to engage the public in a unique, living art form, Mavis has facilitated burning baskets in many communities. The large, intricate basket is given as a gft to the people, infused with decoration and spirit by willing participants, and finally burned, dramatically and upwardly releasing positive messages and heartfelt sentiments.”- From the artist’s website 

Two different short videos (with the same name) A jumpy little phone video I shot during the Burning Basket ceremony and after the basket their were individuals who lit hula hoops and twirled fire around


9 thoughts on “Burning Basket – Homer, Alaska

  1. Now be honest, Ruth E, did you dance with fire? It looks like a wonderful thing to watch.

  2. The power of fire: cleansing, renewing, healing. As a lover of baskets I would have a hard time burning one, but a new one made specially, interwoven with the thoughts of intentions of a community – now that sounds like something.

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