One AM Rocket Launch

Here’s a video I took (sans tripod), Wednesday night. I had wondered what it would look like from my spot on the beach which is about twenty miles away from Cape Canaveral . It was probably a once in a lifetime experience for me. There are fewer “firsts” as we age. There was also a full moon out over the Atlantic. Thanks Marlene for the “launch alert.” It was something to see! There’s a still shot and then the video, see the blast light up the sky.

Here’s the video for the patient. It’s 3 + minutes long. It was remarkable to witness the launch.

One AM Rocket Launch. Yes, I should have turned the camera to landscape in
Just the beginning. Like a hot sunrise on the horizon
This is what was launched
The moon was bright -taken before midnight

Midnight in Melbourne

Melbourne Florida, that is.

The iPhone holds for 3 seconds to catch a wave

Do not disturb. Sea Turtle at work. Laying eggs.

Thank goodness for a zoom and a shutter that stays open a bit to capture the scene click here for some tips to follow during Sea Turtle Nesting Season

We hurried back to the motel so she could have some privacy. I can’t believe we actually saw her.

Hold still! the iPhone says. Shutter open for 3 seconds. It’s hard to hold it still. Wishing I’d brought a mini tripod to hold the phone steady.

How many eggs do sea turtles lay? The number of eggs in a nest, called a clutch, varies by species. In addition, sea turtles may lay more than one clutch during a nesting season. On average, sea turtles lay 110 eggs in a nest, and average between 2 to 8 nests a season.”

St. George Island Sunrise Guest Blog

It’s a Silent Sunday with a shout out to Kristin for this gorgeous photo of sunrise on St. George Island Florida,  Thanks for sharing this beautiful image to start the new week.

St. George Island Sunrise Florida

The Ocean, A Beach: WPC

“Share your happy place” asked Cheri Lucas Rowlands at WordPress.

A place you want to return to again and again. A favorite place.

Sunrise at a beach, the ocean waves rhythmic sound, and the added bonus – knitting and coffee.