Book Quest

Quest.  Remember looking for a certain book? I’m talking pre-google, search engines?

Out dad would scour used book stores and stalls for books he wanted for himself or one of us kids.  He was always searching for another copy of In Clean Hay to read at Christmas.  Nowadays you  type a title or author in a  narrow white box, press search and voila….options, usually in a few seconds.

An actual physical search can be incredibly satisfying cause chances are you will see another title or volume as you sift through shelves in a cool used book store.

That’s  what happened when I found a Peter Spier book from my kids childhood on a upstairs shelf.

Old Inlet Bookshop in Homer, Alaska is such a place. We went there after our Thai lunch in the mermaid themed cafe attached to the bookshop

Meet Andy Wills. Third generation bookseller. IMG_2448.JPG

I don’t know how many books he has in his bookshop but if you are looking for something, he knows where it is.   You don’t have to go to Homer, Alaska though  You can email him   books(at)ak(dot)net      Hope that method of writing email address avoids spammers

IMG_2445.JPGHere is he taping up the cover of the Peter Spier book.

13 thoughts on “Book Quest

  1. hard to imagine a world without google now, isn’t it? i too love to get lost in a bookstore. it’s another world… 🙂
    enjoyed your take on ‘quest’. thanks for sharing.

  2. I am definitely one who types the name of the book into a computer and. . . voila. But, I usually type it into the Carnegie Library website. I guess rather than quest, it’s request?

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  4. I have a love/hate relationship with used book stores. I LOVE them, until I hit a tipping point where I feel completely overwhelmed – then I have to exit ASAP.

  5. I grew up next door to a library and spent a good part of my childhood there. I loved looking for books… however you’re right.. I can now type in a search and POW, it’s in my reader.

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