Kite Boarding in Alaska*

or should I say- *Photographing Kite Boarding (or Kite Surfing) in Alaska.

Sure looks exciting.

I learned the difference between a WET suit and a DRY suit.

Kite boarders were in both types, the dry suit worn over clothes and keeping you warm and dry.

The beach is in Homer, Alaska on the Spit. (A geographical landform)

Photographing these adventurous sports was enough for me. I was in a sweatshirt jacket and hat and did not get wet.  The wind was strong that day as you can see by the waves. I knew I should have lugged my 7-200 lens on vacation.  These are taken with a 24-70mm.


Meet Aaron. Taking a sabbatical from teaching fifth grade


13 thoughts on “Kite Boarding in Alaska*

  1. Such wonderful contrasts between the grey gritty beach and the silvery waters. I would love to visit this area.

  2. That surf looks pretty rough. But the pictures are beautiful. I know you wanted to try kite surfing Ruth E

  3. I love to watch kite surfing and there are lots down on the estuary when the weather is right. A few years ago I was walking at Dawlish Warren and found a kite washed up, a very expensive one. Because my daughter used to power kite I was able to find the owner and get it back to him, he had lost it when kiting from the other side of the estuary and was lucky to get back safe himself..

    • That’s neat you were able to find the kite owner. I’d never seen this before and was fascinated to watch. Thanks Gilly.

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