Oh, they were so much younger then (me, too)

Photographed by Herr Spahn in 1985

Grafenwoehr, Germany

I smocked the frame (and Laura’s dress)


Mark  Matthew and Laura

Weekly Photo Challenge Nostalgia

31 thoughts on “Oh, they were so much younger then (me, too)

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  2. That picture must bring you way back. I have some nostalgic pictures on my wall (not as old as that one) done by a photographer named Ruth E Hendricks. I look at them everyday and smile.

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  3. Its all been beautifully said! Photo makes me smile and cry! 🙂 Those are tiny Santa – in his hat on L’s dress!! Must be a Christmas photo!!!

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  4. What a beautiful photograph of three beautiful children, all who have such beautiful smiles. Hopefully they are still smiling today. 🙂 And you, too. And thanks for stopping by my Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge.

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