Baby to Thirteen! How fast time flies.

Happy thirteenth birthday dear granddaughter Anna Catherine.Here is your birthday blogpost.

You are a lovely young woman.  You are the one who made us grandparents.

You are kind, thoughtful, responsible, generous and loving.  (Just a few adjectives to describe your character)

What a happy day when you were born.

30190413046_fa01a356b7_oSunday night October 9 (can you see that the chocolate cupcakes form a one and a three?)


Here you are brand new with your grandmothers- Ruthie and Marlene.  You gave us the name Froo Froo. So now we are Froo Froo Ruthie and Froo From Marlene to all the grandkids!





screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-11-13-33-pmHappy Birthday to you!  Here you are with your family at the Mellow Mushroom tonight.


And without the corny balloon birthday hat. 10-6-2016

I remember your 10-10-10 birthday post when you were so skilled at the Hula Hoop! You can watch on youtube

Eleven Years in a blink

Last year it was a Dozen Years of Love


your FF Ruthie



13 thoughts on “Baby to Thirteen! How fast time flies.

  1. Happy Birthday to Anna! A beautiful teenager! So many happy pictures of you through the years. Looks like a fun celebration! 🎈🎉🎂


  2. Happy Birthday to Anna! What a cool post. Looks like the celebration was lots of fun. All the very best to you for your new year, lots of blessings, many reasons for laughter and lots of sunshine!

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  3. Dear Anna, Your FF Ruthie called me from her car to tell me about YOUR arrival and becoming a grandmother!!! We were both excited — and still are! Beautiful photos of a beautiful you at many ages!!!!! WELCOME TO 13!!! lOVE, Erica in Pgh


  4. Happy birthday, Anna! Welcome to the TEENS! ANd thank you, Ruth, for allowing us the privilege of watching these wonderful kids grow up. 13? Hard to believe. 🙂


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