Loonies and Toonies -Canadian Dollar Store

img_0817img_0818Lundenburg Nova Scotia

There were two messages from my friend Joanne but I was so excited about the beach glass yarn she sent a surprise a gift, I missed the second.

Here’s what she said –

“Where else would the dollar store be the Loonies & Toonies Store? Canada has one dollar coins (Loonies) and two dollar coins (Toonies). No paper ones or twos.

And the puzzle is set up in a gift/coffee shop where guests are invited to sit a while and puzzle.”






6 thoughts on “Loonies and Toonies -Canadian Dollar Store

  1. When Mel was growing up, the aunts would leave a 3000-4000 piece puzzle on the floor of the house for family members who come over to fit the pieces. When it was completed, the puzzle would be framed as a family piece of work where many hands had made light work!

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  2. I knew of Loonies but didn’t realize there were Toonies, too. Both are great ideas and I wish we would go that route, While we’re at it, let’s get rid of pennies, too. 🙂


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