The Forklift Will Come Today

I was astounded by the huge amount of donations at the Ohio State natatorium on Sunday afternoon where I attended the 2016 Thanks for Giving Fall Classic Swim Meet & Food Drive. 

Monday, a forklift will come to transport the huge containers to a truck for delivery. All the swimmers from competing teams brought food for the  Mid-Ohio Food Bank

Four of my grandkids swim for the hosting Ohio State Swim Club.

Seeing these overflowing containers was a reminder to not only be grateful for all I have but to remember people in need. The swim meet announcer read the statistics of who is hungry and it is painful to know.

Witnessing the swim families’ generosity and knowing people are hungry and rely on the donated food was a sight I wanted  to share.




8 thoughts on “The Forklift Will Come Today

  1. Amazing!! Good work!! We have our church food drive this coming Sunday. This inspires me even more to get to Costco and load up for the food collection. Great thing for the kids to participate in, and learn about sharing our blessings!!

  2. You gotta love how generous the American People are! That brought a smile to my face.

  3. This is wonderful. I once volunteered at a food pantry, Ruth, and would pick up bread from a major company’s outlet store. It is amazing how much people, companies, and organizations will donate once they’re made aware of the problem and given the means to do so.

  4. This is tremendous. My MIL works at a food bank, and it really is heartening (and sad) to see how much it is supported and used.

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