Yarnbyrds: A Gourmet Yarn Truck

My son-in-law James saw a story about a yarn store on wheels.  Here’s the  clip on Columbus television.  YARNBYRDS,LLC THE YARN TRUCK

James knows I like to knit and enjoy good yarn so this morning he sent me a link from the local paper aticle about Yarnbyrds Columbus Dispatch.

A converted RV is a yarn store?  I’m in!

The Food Truck craze has inspired a gourmet Yarn Truck. What a wonderful idea.

Found the phone number and called Robin and this evening I was able to go and visit “Birdie” ( the mobile yarn store’s nickname) and make some wonderful gourmet yarn purchases, too.

Here’s Yarnbirds website for details on the delicious yarn and a calendar of where Birdie will be parked, so you can check it out, too!  A terrific selection to choose from- I know I’ll be back.


What a cool idea.  Here is the owner/ proprietor Robin Richey.


Exterior of Birdie




Robin’s husband Tom did all the LED lighting in the truck and so all the yarn shows in true color which is really important in a yarn store!  He’s an electrical engineer.

Robin creates the project bags. There’s jewelry and Drunk Yarn kits for dying.



Yarnbyrds on Facebook



13 thoughts on “Yarnbyrds: A Gourmet Yarn Truck

  1. What a brilliant idea, there aren’t very many yarn shops around here and if you live in the country it would be difficult to get what you want.

    • Instead of waiting in s brick snd mortar shop for people to come, she can travel to them. So smart! She has lovely yarn.

  2. Such a creative idea! A yarn truck! Who knew such a place existed? The yarn in this truck looks gorgeous.

  3. I love this concept! When I was growing up in a rural area, the library bookmobile came around and it was an exciting day. I can just see the yarnmobile generating the same enthusiasm.

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