Tiny Libraries

Little Free Library purpose:

 Building Community
Sparking Creativity
Inspiring Readers

AND they are all around my daughter’s neighborhood.  In fact there is one at the end of their street. img_1203

I was fascinated to see so many in just a few blocks as we drove to the playground.  Today I made a run to buy knitting needles on Indianola and wound around the tree lined streets and came across of few more. Thought they would be good for the weekly photo challenge=


My friend Joanne sent two libraries this morning after seeing the post  The first in St Augustine Florida and the second from her dear friend Peg in Omaha Nebraska

Thanks Joanne for adding to the Little Library Gallery


18 thoughts on “Tiny Libraries

  1. Perfect for the challenge – esp when you think of a law library 📚 or even massive home ones.
    And we have s few of these in our town and I LOVE them – such a good idea


  2. What a great idea and so much better than leaving them on shelves. They may look good there but I think they’d look better opened in someone’s hands.


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