The Schlumbergera Bloomed

Last night I was knitting the sleeves of Laura’s sweater, watching television and Steve came upstairs carrying the Schlumbergera-the species name of Christmas Cactus.  He bought it a couple of weeks ago at Whole Foods. Christmas Cactus. It had bloomed.  It had buds when he bought it. Flowering plants in winter appealed to him.

My mother kept a giant Sclumbergera, cascading out of a huge planter. She had a green thumb  but that gene skipped me

(What a name for this pretty plant-Is a single one a Schlumberger?)

When he brought it to show me the pink blossoms, I was flooded with memories of my mother and how thrilled she was when hers bloomed. I “get it” now. I’m sure I barely paid attention to her enthusiasm then. Pang.


7 thoughts on “The Schlumbergera Bloomed

  1. Many things you post bring back memories of my “first family”. They were very special people so the memories make me feel good, even if sometimes there is a “pang”. Good luck with the cactus.

  2. Like you, Ruth, I cannot see one in bloom without thinking Of Mom and her little plant. It always looked near death and then, seemingly out of nowhere, it bloomed just in time for Christmas. It was certainly no virgin birth but it seemed miraculous to this young boy. 😉

  3. So pretty! And lovely that your mom lives on in these memories. And try to release yourself of guilt; we have all hurt others unintentionally. As I get older, I understand more, and I can therefore do better – and ask forgiveness of my younger, more ignorant self.

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