Learning to Knit Mittens

Five hours in. Knitting a mitten.  A Baby Alpaca yarn mitten. I looked at the clock. I knew what time I turned on the TV and what time I turned it off .Time to stop knitting and get to bed.

The Weekly Photo Challenge is relax but I remember some people found learning to knit stressful. Have to get past the possibly awkward part of learning the basics before you get to the Zen. Holding the needles. Finding the right place to stick the point.

My friend Ann texted (after a volley of texts about the miserable weather and whether we really NEEDED yarn) that she’d pick me up and we’d go to Oakmont to the Yarns by Design store.  She brought a fingerless mitt and a matching cowl she’d completed and since I had the same pattern at home –Susan B. Anderson Waiting for Winter Mittens pattern– I felt inspired to knit mittens  Thanks, Ann.

Now I Thought I’d start the new effort in the morning .. but the new yarn spoke to me and I started.

Ann said they worked up faster than socks. She’s right about that!



12 thoughts on “Learning to Knit Mittens

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  2. Even though you were learning something new, I am sure the knitting relaxed you. Doing something creative always makes me relax – even when I am figuring out how to do something new.

  3. Love the color, Ruth, but not enough to get me to pick up a pair of needles. I have trie but apparently never got to the Zen. I kinda stayed in the “if you speak to me I’ll stab you with one of these needles”.

  4. You are very talented! I know what you mean about that place of zen in finding just the right spot to put the needle (or in my case, hook); it’s wonderful. I’m so grateful that my mom taught me how to crochet at a relatively young age.

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