Henry the Airedale Took a Photo with my iPhone

Saturday morning I photographed the pancakes and put the iPhone on the table. Maura said, “what’s that camera noise?” Henry nuzzled the open camera app and captured the red tablecloth. Maybe a smudge of butter on it that drew him to the circle at the bottom of the screen.

Shades of Rothko? Definitely abstract.


And here he is taking up most of the bed while I’m visiting for the weekend. 


20 thoughts on “Henry the Airedale Took a Photo with my iPhone

  1. Behind Henry I can see the photo of Mark and Erika you took at their wedding. Melissa was right. You captured such a special moment. It looks like the canned photo you get when you buy a new frame. Only it isn’t two strangers, it’s them.

  2. No photographer’s first capture is frame-worthy. Being a member of your family, Henry will soon be shooting pics like a pro. 🙂

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