New Horizon -Weekly Photo Challenge

New Horizon


Had to consider do I post a photo “peopled or unpeopled”?

Aunt Mary, Michael, Maura and Jack look across the Hudson River to New Jersey. Documenting the Thanksgiving vacation, saving  memories of a childhood experience for reference.


14 thoughts on “New Horizon -Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Well, peopled obviously, because you showed them to us and they are wonderful, but more to the point, you respected their privacy. I admire that and they own the photo, the background is less important, due entirely to your wonderful photo.

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  3. I would say peopled – engaged people. The kids and Aunt Mary are obviously into what they are seeing. I don’t blame them, it is quite a view.

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  5. If by “people” you mean your grandkids, then by all means make your shots “peopled”. I can’t get enough of them. 🙂

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