Celebrating Life as a Clay Artist

“I’m Celebrating Life as a Clay Artist.”   Bernie Pintar

Meet Bernie Pintar.

Today  I went to see him in the Sculpture Studio in the basement of the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. 

He graciously agreed to be in my People at Work Series.

Originally from East Pittsburgh, he’s a 1972 graduate of the Ivy School of Professional Art which was a six story building in downtown Pittsburgh Market Square ( no longer there)-  I looked it up and saw that Artist Activist Keith Haring went there, too.

And here is the amazing part of Bernie’s story- He started in clay in 2009.  WOW!




img_3905A tribute to Cecil the Lion

River Styx Cruise and Detail


So here is how Bernie packages his stunning ceramic artwork-

he has “nests” for them and see where it says HEAD?  He learned how to package his artwork like the Television Repairman who used to come fix his mother’s Zenith- Frank G. smelled like mothballs he remembers

He’d come with a box and say “I have the tube for your set.” and it was in a box with handles, just the way Bernie now makes his carriers.  That’s where he learned that method. Frank G the TV repairman.


 Dragon Peacock Teapot

An entry for the International Invitational Teapot show at Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery in Shadyside  April 9- May 29th 2017


The Piece below is titled Da Burgh

an entry for upcoming Pittsburgh Society of Artists- da Burgh Show to be held at the FrameHouse and Jask Gallery in Lawrenceville Friday June 9- Friday June 30, 2017


That tiny piece that looks like wire or spaghetti?  It is CLAYimg_3938img_3939img_3940

Everything on the sculpture moves



Da Burgh

from a different angle





Below- a bisque ware piece. What it looks like before the glaze-


Here’s another quote from Bernie

“I don’t go to bed to sleep anymore…..I go to dream.” He shared with me that Transcendental Meditation saved his life.


22 thoughts on “Celebrating Life as a Clay Artist

  1. wonderful clay artist, Ruth. He has a very detailed style that is all his own – this was most refreshing to see – truly not the same ol clay pieces. 🙂
    nice quotes and love the hands photo especially….

  2. Wow! What a cool post and I LOVE all the photos!! His work is stunning! I especially love the elephants and teapots! Hard to believe they are clay not metal! I would love to have that artistic eye and talent!!!

  3. Bernie’s work is beautiful! I especially love the elephant and the tricycle. Such intricate work!

  4. Ruth,
    I too like the tricycle. Hard to believe that his sculptures are clay and not metal or wood. Bernie’s talent is obvious. His technique is novel. I went to Point Park in the 60’s. Some friends went to Ivy so I spent time there. Just think, although Ivy is gone Bernie’s great work remains as an endearing testimony.
    Jack W.

    • Thanks for your good words today, Jack. Cool that you remember Ivy. Bernie’s work is something to see. The detail and yes, it is ALL clay. Hard to believe.

  5. He sounds like a very cool, slightly quirky fellow. So cool that the TV repair man from decades past lives on today in his packaging. You just never know who will impact you; or who you will impact…

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