What Special Things Remind You of Your Dad?


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Reposted from Father’s Day 2011-so if you’ve been following me all this time, you’ve seen it before.

What My Dad Gave Me in 1986

There was a time when we lived in Kentucky and the kids were young,  I used this Kitchen-Aid stand mixer almost everyday. It still works perfectly. I wanted this mixer so badly when we returned after living in Germany for 3 years. I don’t remember any color choice except white or off-white/almond?  A couple of years ago I asked for a new beater as the old one’s coating had started to peel.  The dough hook, the whisk like beater beats egg whites to stand in peaks in short order.  All so useful and good.    Laura was just turning three when he got it and now she’ll be 27 in a couple of months. I used to ask each child what kind of cake they wanted for their birthday.  That year Laura asked for a “Piggy Cake” although I am not sure why. Mark asked for a State of Kentucky cake and Matthew a GI-Joe cake. Good thing  my friend J and I took a class in Cake Decorating in Grafenwoehr!

I was thinking about what to post for Father’s Day this year to remember my dad. This gift from him has mixed a lot of cake batter and bread dough in our house.  Last year I posted a slideshow of my dad’s life in a minute.  This year I’m posting a photo of his generous present that’s been well used and appreciated.

He’s been gone almost nine years.  Missing him everyday, not just today. What special things remind you of your father?

Update:  It will be fifteen years my dad’s been gone- come October. 

AND The Kitchen-Aid still works perfectly!

13 thoughts on “What Special Things Remind You of Your Dad?

  1. My father has been gone over 21 years now. I would see him at least once per week and we talked every day on the phone. I too feel like my father is with me. I do miss his voice and his advice. I have his wallet just as it was the day he died. It has pictures of some of us and some of his grandchildren. I was looking at it the other day. I have a tie clip with a J on it. His name was Joseph. I have a pair of his glasses. He was retired when we moved to Jackson street. He would take the trolley and bus from Beechview to paint the house. The glasses are splattered with paint. Mark knew him. Mark and Joe went to a few Steeler games with him. Enjoy your memories of your father too. There are times when we can almost feel their arms around us just like when we were kids.

  2. As I was thinking of my dad today, I can remember him taking me to town. We sent to Murphy’s 5 & 10 to have a hot dog and root beer. Also as the Church fairs are starting – he loved the fairs. Thanks for the memories.

  3. I was his sports buddy – Buccos games, Duquesne Basketball games. I was the apple of his eye and like you I miss him every day. He’s been gone 38 years.

  4. I just wrote my dad a card with some memories in it. There are many things that remind me of him; but what I love most about him is his down-to-earth sensibilities and witty humor. I’m sorry to hear your dad has been gone for these many years; what gifts he gave you well beyond the material items. (Though impressive about the mixer! A true workhorse.)

  5. Special memories. Your father was kinder and more present to me than my own father, Ruth. I felt so lucky to have met him. That Kitchen Aid has fed your WORLD and more!! Your wonderful breads and cakes! XOXOXO E

  6. What a loving memory, Ruth. 🙂 🙂 Certain sports on TV always remind me of Dad. He was a huge football fan, and supported his local team, Middlesbrough. He liked Grand Prix, and tennis, especially if it was a Polish player. But his all time favourite was snooker, and whenever I hear the theme music I just have to change channels.

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