Sitting in a Railway Station,Got a ticket for my destination

i just dropped my sister at the Amtrak Railroad Station in Pittsburgh.

She’ll get to New York City late this afternoon.  A long day but scenic snd comfortable. You can get up and walk around. I packed her a lunch.

We’ve had a nice couple of weeks together, driving over 2200 miles. Our brother David had to fly out early Sunday.  We got  together with our Illinois relatives to celebrate our Aunt Rhea’s life.

Mary was able to stay  through my birthday which felt really nice.

Here’s the train station collage from this morning


5 thoughts on “Sitting in a Railway Station,Got a ticket for my destination

  1. Nice that David was available to join Mary and you to memorialize Aunt Rhea’s life.

  2. Got a recent email …. Trump’s budget is going to defund Amtrak [did not say it would then be privitized] – basically meaning no more LD Train Service …. it would be impossible to travel across America by train …. great hardship on rural communities …….. ??????? Glad it’s still in service at this moment!!! XOXO

  3. Ahhhhh !!! Simon and Garfunkle. Great choice for this photo. Got to love road trips. The sights and people you meet along the way become etched in your memory and sometimes in your hear. Celebrating Aunt Rhea’s life gave you a reason to be together. Maybe think of it this way. Your time with Mary and Dick and other family members and friends was Aunt Rhea’s final gift to all you.

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