8 thoughts on “Thinking about Mr.Rogers’ Sneakers

  1. Mr. Rogers was a kind man and a gentle educator. This photo of Charlie shows that Mr. Roger’s transcends generations. It is obvious that Charlie appreciates Mr. Roger’s shoes. I am thinking the sweater got the same reaction. I am a fan of the trolley myself. I am reminded that we have a toy trolley somewhere in our attic. It was Joe’s when he was a child and he is 42 now. I think the actual set or a portion of it is at the Heinz Hidtory Museum. I also think that we need to clean out our attic. Thanks Ruth.

    • I definitely need to clean out my attic. I just bought a little red wooden trolley at the Children’s Museum for Charlie!

  2. I love this photo. It captures so much emotion — respect, reverence, love, and appreciation. It’s a wonderful photo of our sweet Charlie and the enduring value of Mr. Rogers.

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