Sea Turtle Dig at Sunrise

6:30 AM- Sea Turtle Patrol Volunteer arrives

The dig commences

The results of the dig –

97 broken eggshells evidence of  live turtles hatching

2 eggs not viable, Not hatched

0 live turtles present in the bottom of the funnel, which is a good thing- they all made it out


5 thoughts on “Sea Turtle Dig at Sunrise

  1. Sea turtles can live a very long time. The trip from the nest to the ocean can be trecherous. Same for the early time in the sea. So many predators to avoid. It looks like many of these little guys may have made it to the water. There is a sea turtle hospital near Top Sail Island NC. We learned that most injury and illness is the result of human interference. It is interesting to see the turtles being nursed back to health to be releaed back to the sea. It is also nice to see the number of people who care. Thanks Ruth.

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