Neville Island Night Lights on the Ohio River

The retirement party at our friend’s home on Neville Island began in early afternoon but the barges and tugs went by into the night. Both directions!

Lots of drama to watch. Multiple freight trains on the opposite bank blew their train whistles.

See the powerful blue light the Captain was shining down river to illuminate a buoy in the middle of the river?  Neville Island Bridge is in the background.


Centerpieces with tiny white lights and fishing accessories glowed like lanterns.



Here you can see the dark barges being pushed by the tug as they approach the bridge.IMG_1673.JPG



IMG_1657.JPGIMG_1639.JPGIMG_1699.JPGIMG_1736IMG_1683The bonfire kept us warm and warded off the increasing damp chill as the sun disappeared. Skipping the photo my friend took of me devouring a gooey s’more.


IMG_1687.JPGHappy Retirement, Sy


19 thoughts on “Neville Island Night Lights on the Ohio River

  1. This is an excellent series of photos, and particularly because they are night photos. I’m just an amateur photographer, but I know that I’ve had a really difficult time getting good photos at night. There’s either too much light or not enough light, or they are too blurry, or something else is wrong. I think you did a terrific job on this series. By the way, I live in California, but when my wife and I went to my 50th Oliver High School reunion two years ago, those of us from out-of-town stayed at the Fairfield Inn & Suites on Neville Island. It occurred tome that Neville Island would be a very interesting and very picturesque place to live.

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  3. I agree with Ken Klucsor. These are gorgeous night photos and night photos are difficult to take. This looks like a lovely way to spend a summer night. Happy Retirement, Sy.

  4. Great weather , great people , great party And GREAT Neville Island photos. Thanks Ruth , these are amazing photos , absolutely gorgeous !

  5. Ruth, those are really great photos! I’m in agreement with you other followers at how hard night shots are – much less with water reflections!! Beautiful! Happy Retirement to Sy!

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  8. Those are great photos. On numerous visits to Pittsburgh, my daughter and I and my brother have stayed on Neville Island. Thanks for jogging some nice memories.

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