At a Florida Farmstand

On my recent trip to Florida-

offerings at a farmstand you don’t see in Pittsburgh

36266512862_f6d8f95574_k35627049743_dd8a3ad8b4_k36297838421_3b9a8c0642_k35599886754_b90909648c_k35627048603_a5ef04e5fa_kWe ate a boiled peanut.  Soft and spicy.  I can’t say I’d try another.

So many people have a peanut allergy but, I found a recipe for how to boil peanuts 

if you’re interested.

2 thoughts on “At a Florida Farmstand

  1. I love peanuts – never tried boiled ones but I know I’d love them. I do wonder why so many people are now allergic.

  2. I enjoy shelled peanuts especially at a Pirate’s or any baseball game. Some time ago my brother and I took a week long motorcycle tour of a number of Civil War battle sites and surrounding towns. We stopped in a small restaurant either in or near Lexington, Va. Peanut soup was on the menu. I never heard of it so I had to try it. I am not sure what flavor I expected. It was very bland though. Like you, I doubt that I will try it again. Chalk it up as a once in a life time experience and part of the adventure on the road.

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