15 thoughts on “Murphy Waits For Michael in TimeOut

  1. This is another excellent choice for the weekly photo challenge. It’s also one of my favorite photos of all time. I love this one! I loved it eight years ago when you took it and I still love it today!

  2. OMG Ruth, I LOVED seeing this shot!!! So perfect!!! ha! What a cutie Murphy is!!! Pups really ARE man’s best friend!! I’m so blessed and grateful to have Max in my life!!! But that photo speaks volumes Ruth – truly a “aw” photo!

  3. Michael, Michael, Michael, what did you do that you needed Murphy to guard you? Re: photo chalkenge. You saved the best til last. Children and their animals make great subjects. This one surely makes us smile.

  4. It is indeed beautiful moment! I can also imagine since my daughter plays with our dog, she’s 1.5 years old and she’s totally in love with him and takes care of him.

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