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  2. Your photo is right on the theme. I am always amazed by public transportation in NYC and the massive number of people who arrive at their destinations because of it. A few years ago we stayed in Manhattan for about three months. Remember Sandy? We used the buses and subways daily usually traveling between 79th and 1st on the east side to 168th on the west side and back. The trips were effortless despite the traffic and crowds. At times we waited but not for long. The card vs cash system simplifies access. The people were always courteous and helpful. Thanks for helping me recall one of many reasons why we love NYC. Sometimes I think that the Port Authority in Pittsburgh might take a few lessons.

  3. “Word of the week” is exactly how I think of the challenges! The transit system here in New York City is usually great or awful, with no middle ground. But we do depend on it.

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