Apple Picking and Farm Market Checkout Line

Honey Crisp Apple season and the orchard was open for picking. You could get a big bag or a small. We got one of each

Laura drove us out to Lynd Farm in Pataskala Ohio. Charlie got to pick his first apple. It didn’t take long to fill our bags. The first checkout you are in your car and you pop your trunk so they can check to make sure you’re not loading up on Apples without paying.

At the market we bought little pumpkins, apple butter and some yellow cherry tomatoes and zucchini plus a bag of “seconds” – Macintosh- to make applesauce.

And there were long checkout lines so we waited – there’s our challenge word again Waiting

6176739808_IMG_01726176739808_IMG_0229Maura took this one.  Looks like a mountain instead of a cloud

And a Photo credit to Anna for the pic of Lala looking over her shoulder

22 thoughts on “Apple Picking and Farm Market Checkout Line

  1. I love the photos of the family. Maura and Anna both took great shots. They take after their grandma. Is that first shot a photo of conjoined twin apples?????

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  4. We just went apple picking today. Honeycrisp are my absolute favorite! I pay $4.99 per pound in the store for them and today I paid 80 cents per pound- got 25 pounds for baking, applesauce and eating. Happy baking! 🙂

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