House Call

We wanted to sew a dinosaur hoodie for Charlie.  The sewing machine stopped sewing on my last visit.

Googled and found  Sewing Machine Repair-Columbus OH in your home.

Steve arrived in less than an hour. Fixed the broken bobbin case and bracket, added a ballpoint needle and gave my daughter and me a tutorial on what went wrong. And how to maintain it. Sews like a dream and no lugging it to a shop or waiting.



16 thoughts on “House Call

  1. oh house calls rock! and maybe we are going back to that in our upcoming years – with all this delivery these days – and we know a mobile mechanic who travels – and glad you have a sewing machine guy – awesome

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  2. I am always in awe of the skills of repairmen. Being a finance guy, our son Joe talks about the value of our time. Having this gentleman come to your home is an example. His visit saved time that would have been used to travel to a shop and more. Once we had our flat tv repaired on our dining room table. Sure made it easier for us.

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