PUMPKIN hat season- again

There’s been a lot of buzz about the early appearance of pumpkin spice lattes. Not too much about pumpkin hats.

People gripe about rushing the season. It’s a short window for pumpkin hats.

Plus, as babies age and turn into toddlers with their own fashion sense, they may reject sporting a pumpkin on their head!

Spoiler Alert: These two knitted pumpkin hats are for my first cousins twice removed. (Or my first cousin’s new grandson and his big sister.)

The pattern Punkin’Head is by Tara Thomsen and is available for free on Ravelry.    

Color: Bittersweet  Yarn: Premier Yarns Everyday: Deborah Norville Collection

(Wash and dry with ease for mom)

Two years ago I knit eight of these in a week.


10 thoughts on “PUMPKIN hat season- again

  1. Little faces look so cute in these hats! I remember when Ava was young enough to wear one.

  2. And C was one of the lucky recipients of your 8-in-a-week marathon hat-making session! He has since outgrown it; but it was adorable with his Halloween newborn onesies. 🙂

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