Tugs and Barges Passing at Dusk

IMG_3115Ohio River Sunday night.  We were visiting our Neville Island friends again. They live on the banks of the Ohio River.  We had a wonderful boat ride earlier and it was time for dinner.  Two tugs and their barges appeared up river and down river.  Our host pointed out the buoy that marked the channel and told us they both had to be on this side on it.  How would there be enough room?  As the sun was sinking we watched them approach one another, a horn blew.  It was a dramatic end of the day on the river.

13 thoughts on “Tugs and Barges Passing at Dusk

  1. Beautiful light! You may never have heard of the song “On the Banks of the Ohio” as it was an Australian singer in the 1970’s – Olivia Newton John – happy memories sparked from your post 🙂

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