Animals (+ a couple of kids) in Windows


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tiger window

Columbus Zoo Tiger though the window




white cat in window


Clintonville OH Kitten seen on a walk


bees in the window

Bees at Columbus Zoo


tiger window 1

Columbus OH Zoo.This is the same tiger as is the first photo but a zoo goer’s shirt is reflected in the window

bunnies window

rocking horse in the window

Rocking Horse in Garfield on Penn Ave.

through the sliding door windowPhotographed through the sliding glass window in Columbus OH

Pittsburgh AquariumPittsburgh Aquarium at Celeste and Shawn’s Wedding

13 thoughts on “Animals (+ a couple of kids) in Windows

  1. I like all the different reflections that come through in some of the photos – the glass is also so clear that it isn’t visible in others! nicely done )

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  3. I had a very similar rocking horse as a kid! I had to be careful to not get mu fingers pinched in the springs. I just got C a rocking horse – and no springs! Pretty clever. My how safety has improved over the past 35 years…

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